1. Ecstacy

Marilyn Kirby Guitar and Vocals
John Putnam Guitars and Tipple
Eric Parker – Drums
Jesse Murphy – Bass
Manuel Quintana - Percussion


M. Kirby
Theresa is dancing on her own,
The boys know to leave her alone.
They just like to watch her sway.
They won’t get in the way
Of her Ecstasy.
2)Theresa is gliding through the night.
She’s giving off her own light.
She is no longer in this room, she has given herself to
Her ecstasy (Amen!) ecstasy (Amen!)
Theresa is dancing in the pale moonlight,
With a lover only she can see.
Sainthood is still so very far away,
But tonight she is in her ecstasy (Amen!) Ecstasy (Amen)

3) Sainthood’s a really hard way.
You just try livin’ it day after day.
The only thing helping it go easy
Is all the opportunities
For Ecstasy