Marilyn Kirby - Guitar and Vocals
John Putnam Guitars
Eric Parker – Drums
James Keanelly - Bass


Year Of The Phoenix M. Kirby

Two thousand, nine was my year of the Phoenix.
My whole life burned to the ground.
It took some time to crawl out of the ashes,
And make it to safer ground.
Oh and it burned, how it burned, I watched it all burn down.
It Burned and it burned, ‘Till it was ashes on the ground.
2) Two thousand, nine was the year of the Phoenix.
I died and came back to life.
I burned so hot, I was vulcanized,
Reduced to Iron and Light.
Oh, and it burned, how it burned. I let it all burn down.
Burn, baby, burn! ‘Till its just ashes on the ground
3) So now it’s time for the first flight of the Phoenix
The fledgling’s wings are unfurled
It’s time to test the wingspan and power
And fly out into the world
Oh, Fly! Baby, fly! Let’s see how high you can go
Fly baby! fly! Just leave the ashes down below

Just leave the ashes (3x)